Our Investment Approach

We think entrepreneurs can turn the tide on scarcity. In 2050 the earth’s population will be nearing 10 billion. In the next 35 years, our food supply needs to grow at the same rate it did in the preceding ten thousand years. There is a growing gap between the earth’s fixed resources and its exploding population base.

We look for partners who are solving that problem.

Since 2002 Avrio has invested in nearly 60 companies in the Food and Agriculture sectors. Each is addressing peak food in a fresh way – be it crop inputs, food production, nutrition, or value-added processes like fermentation and synthetic biology. What our investees have in common is they are solving real problems by combining innovation and execution to create world class organizations.

We fundamentally believe that proven technology and best in class management, combined with global networks, can create significant value and effectively address global challenges related to health, wellness, and sustainability.

We partner with companies that are addressing large, defined markets with a demonstrated value proposition.

We think about the food chain broadly and our interests are equally broad. Our investments may target the science that makes food grow better or faster, or innovations that improve health, nutrition, safety or just improves health benefits or the sustainability profile of the food and drink we consume.

In every instance, this is what we look for:

Capable management. You have an experienced team that operates with clarity, alignment and an entrepreneurial drive to be world- class.

The right vertical. Your company provides a product or service that addresses a large, addressable market or a niche with high-growth potential.

A relevant competitive advantage. You have something special in your arsenal – whether it’s proven science, IP, brand loyalty or a groundbreaking operating platform.

Proven success. You have a sound, profitable business model with unit economics clearly defined and validated.

Every year we invest in four to six companies. The initial investment may range from $3–$5 million, and we reserve additional capital for subsequent rounds over the life of your company. Our funds are fuelled by mix of private investors, institutions, pension plans, endowments, and Canadian commercial crown corporations.

We empower our investees for the long term

When we invest in your company, we are at your disposal. The Avrio team brings sophistication and deep domain expertis to emerging private enterprises; At the same time, we are flexible, patient and compassionate with management teams recognizing the many obstacles in creating value. We know this is a long game so we build relationships and operate with the tenacity we know is necessary for lasting growth and enduring value.

We’re direct and put a lot of value on honesty and doing what we say we will do – integrity, and humility is built into our DNA. Yes, our game is results-oriented, but how we get there is as important as the end result. That means mutual accountability, tenacity and respect.

Our knowledge base isn’t limited to just the boardroom. Investees have full access to all our resources for advice, planning, and execution. Our approach is to empower and hold your team accountable, but we let management manage. What does that look like in real life? Read our case studies.

We were the first VCs in AgTech

Avrio was the first to establish agriculture and food as a viable, investable  private capital asset class – we were investing in agricultural technology ‘before it was cool.’ We are pioneers in this sector and we like to think our success reveals the kind of foresight we are able to bring to your business.

Food security is one of the single biggest challenges we face globally. Agricultural and Food Tech will play a central role —  The imperative for addressing these global issues continues to present the single largest challenge to the planet.  At Avrio, we will continue to discover and exploit the best opportunities to address these challenges through our broad domain expertise, global network, industry knowledge, operational skill and transactional experience in both public and private capital markets.

We know it’s an honor and a privilege to raise and subsequently deploy capital  — and we know that if we do our job properly we will continue to make a significant impact in addressing the problem of peak food. Find out more – connect with our team.