Micronutrient innovations lead to macro shareholder returns

Wolf Trax was on a great trajectory with a solid management team and significant market presence in North America. Founders Kerry Green and Geoff Gyles had developed a patented coating for micronutrients that helps them stick to the macronutrients in fertilizers – so every ounce of product has the same amount of micronutrients. And it was seeing notable success.

They were ready to expand into new markets, and Avrio came on to support that growth. Ultimately Avrio played a part in generating an enormous return for Wolf Trax shareholders – the sale in 2014 was named CVCA’s Venture Capital Deal of the Year in 2014.

“Avrio was clearly the best venture partner that we had. They took a very collaborative approach to the business.”

“Avrio had tremendous insight into Agriculture. They were able to help us with our financing and they knew enough to understand that it’s a cyclical business.

“As a business partner they were there with support when we needed it, and they weren’t intrusive. Later on they were helpful in introducing us to potential clients and customers in other parts of the world.

“The team was honest and straightforward. When dealing with a private equity partner, you might be nervous about their goals but, Avrio had the best interest of our company at heart.” —Geoff Giles, Wolf Trax co-founder

“Because Avrio is an agriculture-focused VC, they understood our business model – they took a long view of the business.”

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