Precision agriculture with room to grow

Agronomists Wade Barnes and Curtis MacKinnon created Farmers Edge to help growers improve crop production while reducing waste and improving sustainability. The Winnipeg-based company automates the capture, transfer and processing of data to help growers maximize the efficiency of their farm and achieve the highest sustainable yield while reducing stress on the environment. Farmers Edge was growing into new markets and were building and acquiring new IP – and they needed funds to take the next step.

“There’s a cultural piece that comes along with this industry – you have to know how people think and react. We didn’t have to teach Avrio about those things. They really understood it. For us, that was exciting.”

“When we met the Avrio team we had offers from nine different companies. At the time there weren’t many VCs in Canada period – so finding a VC firm that was specifically interested in AgTech was pretty unique. Avrio had real foresight.

“We were in process of changing from an agronomy company to a precision agriculture platform. Avrio helped us make that transition. They were instrumental in the development of our first board, and built a foundation for us to grow on.

“This was the first capital we brought into the company and we didn’t know how the VC process worked. Avrio looked past our inexperience and saw the potential of our business.” —Wade Barnes, Farmers Edge co-founder

“Their previous investments were organizations we knew, they were Western Canadian, and they understood the value of what we were doing.”

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