Steven Leakos

Managing Director

Engaged and passionate mentor for adventurous investees

Steven has spent his career building prosperous partnerships and growing innovative businesses in the private equity space. As Managing Director of Roynat Capital Inc., he actively engaged with clients on numerous advisory boards, compensation committees and audit committees. This provided him with skills and strategies to broker momentous deals in the food industry.

“I look for investees who want help – they’re smart and really want to grow. We like that enthusiasm – we want to grab onto those coattails and go for that ride.”

When Steven joined Avrio in 2015 as Managing Director, he embraced the opportunity to learn more about AgTech’s evolving landscape. He takes pride in discovering leading-edge ventures and helping them reach their full potential with the firm’s capital and networks. He is lauded for his hands-on approach with investees. Steven is an expert at change management and supports clients as they create and grow technologies of immense value.