Jim Taylor

MBA, Co-Founder and Chairman

Blazed the trail for venture capital in the Food and Agriculture sector

Jim co-founded Avrio in 2006 with the intention of accelerating innovative food and agriculture companies and augmenting the entire sector. He and Aki assembled the first venture capital team fully dedicated to the AgTech space.  With seasoned partners from finance, investment and agriculture fields he provides the insights, networks and guidance that turn local health, science and sustainable operations into successful global enterprises.

“The world’s fraught with people who come up with too many excuses. Do what you say you’re going to do. It’s actually pretty simple.”

Jim’s breadth of investment knowledge is the result of two decades of tackling venture, mezzanine and subordinate debt markets for major corporations. During his tenure with Bank of Montreal and Westcoast Energy, his resolute management and cogent strategies earned him the trust and alliance of partners and clients.

When Jim established Farm Credit Canada Ventures (FCCV), he raised the profile of agricultural technology in the country and continues to be an advocate and leader for this industry with Avrio.