Denis Boyer

Senior Associate

Authority on all things Agronomy and Venture Capital

As a professional agronomist and venture capitalist, Denis expertly forecasts groundbreaking trends in the food and agriculture space – his insights help shape the firm’s investment portfolio. He is a steadfast supporter of green, sustainable businesses that want to revolutionize the AgTech industry.

“When an opportunity presents itself, even if it’s not in your comfort zone, push your boundaries.”

Prior to joining Avrio, Denis managed value-added food processors with high-growth potential and strong technological advances at Farm Credit Canada. He then served as Investment Advisor with SGF Soquia. Denis further developed his finance and venture capital acumen as the Director of Agriculture and Food Processing Accounts with Royal Bank of Canada and as a Sales Analyst with Bank of Montreal.

Denis matches his knowledge of the AgTech industry and its key players with investees that have proven track records and honest management. His ceaseless dedication to the food and agriculture space informs his business strategies.