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Media/News Archive: 2015

  • Agri Investor: Livestock Tech Could Boost Returns

    June 10, 2015

    Avrio's Aki Georgacacos weighs in on opportunities for early stage investors

    Advances in data and animal health technology present vertical integration opportunities for early stage investors, an executive for Avrio Capital recently told Agri Investor.

    Improvements in probiotic and enzymatic approaches to animal health promise to reduce producer reliance on preventative antibiotics. But technologies that monitor livestock health and automate production from feeding to temperature control can potentially enhance returns from such plays, said Avrio senior managing director, Aki Georgacacos.

    “I think the companies that are going to be successful are the ones that can integrate the mechanical aspects, the information aspects, the data capture and the animal health aspect into one package,” said Georgacacos. “The idea is to be able to understand in real time what’s happening to these animals so that we can eliminate a lot of the harmful approa... Continue Reading